Our mission: To make you successful.

When we talk about "digitization", it's all about building smart, user-friendly solutions that really benefit you and your business. We are there to make your business develop. It is our DNA and our reason-to-be.

JGL has been around since 2007 and over the years has helped hundreds of companies with digital projects. We are based in Gothenburg, Linköping and Skåne, but help companies throughout Sweden with their unique digitization journeys.

We have cutting-edge expertise in technology, but it is not our only strength, on the contrary. We have experience in everything from digital strategies and marketing strategies to what a digital solution should look like to, for example, lead to purchasing and customer loyalty. And very much more. Knowledge that helps you succeed in your challenges. That breadth and that weight is something that makes us a full-service digital agency and is something that really sets us apart.

Strategy team

Our strategy team includes people with experience as CEO, business developers, marketing managers, digital strategists and BI expertise at a number of well-known companies.

This competence is needed so that we can both guide you, but also run intensive digitization projects that deliver results.

Production team

We have a production team with 100 years of experience in system and application development, marketing and project and production management.

This competence ensures that we maintain both quality and delivery times.

Get in touch with us

We are many who can help you with digitization.
But please contact me first and I will help you find the right person.

Jens Lindström
Email: jens@jgl.se
Phone: +46 70 600 42 75